Friday, June 24, 2011

More exploring!

Today we went to a part of the city that had huge, old ships (but are still fully functional and used today).  It was pretty cool but claustrophobic! There were lots of things to do around the pier but we didn't stay too long because it started to rain.  I saw some gypsies scoping out a couple that was dressed up, so I wear my purse under my sweatshirt.  For the most part its safe here but Andrew is pretty tough so I take him seriously when he tells us to be on guard.  I think there are more thieves and gypsies in areas that have a lot of tourists, so its good to travel with native Polish speakers.
We ate at the Vegetarian Bar again and it was great!  I am SO happy that there is at least one veggie place near us.  We also went to an amazing exhibition of industrial modern design that Adam suggested.  I spent a ton of time there photographing furniture for reference and spent a few hours checking out the building!  I am in an artist's heaven with all this new stuff to draw and photograph :-) I can't wait to get back to my studio to start painting!  Ena didn't have patience to go through the entire exhibition (especially since I was taking my time), and conveniently there was a kid area attached to the building (sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!) so Andrew took her there while Adam and I looked around.  The kid area was SO cool, they had all these science experiments and lots of interesting interactive things for kids.  Ena loved it and left there red-cheeked.  We are leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Warsaw, so we will spend the rest of the evening at the playground and then cleaning the apartment that desperately needs tidying!  Ha ha!  I will post more pictures tonight!  We miss everyone but are having an awesome time! 

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