Friday, June 24, 2011

Gosia and Jacek left yesterday because they already had another trip set up. We will meet up with them again in a week at Basia and Marion's house. Last night Andrzej, Adam, Ania, Ena and I walked about 10 minutes to the beach and hung out until the sun set. There were a lot of people on the beach for the sunset and I guess it's expected that you bring your own beer to sip on! A few guys had a few too many and were skinny dipping in the freezing cold water!  It was free entertainment for us!  Ena was really wild yesterday, she had ice cream and I think all the sugar made her a little crazy. Eariler in the day Andrew, Adam, Ania and Ena went to check out an old castle where the war began. I'll let Andrew explain more about that later. I was at the "flat" working on stuff (this blog, drawing, e-mails etc...) and hanging the laundry on our drying rack. I'm not sure why dryers haven't caught on here....
I forgot to mention in my other post that when we went to Hel, Ena noticed some huge roses blooming in a garden and was insistent that I take pictures for Jeepie! It was cute and I thought I posted them but it looks like once again there was a technical difficulty, I'll try again. There was also a nun on the ferry....fascinating!

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